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Why Handkerchiefs Are The Ultimate Travel Accessory

Why Handkerchiefs Are The Ultimate Travel Accessory


It’s those last weeks before your big trip. You’ve got your tickets booked, lodging confirmed, and visas accepted. You’re gleaming with excitement, already setting up an out-of-office notification two weeks in advance and mapping out your Instagram photos.

Of course, you go through your mental checklist over and over to make sure you don’t leave any essentials behind. Underwear? Check. Phone charger? Check. Camera? Check. Passport? Check. Handies Handkerchiefs? Wait…what? We know, we get it… a handkerchief isn’t typically the first or twentieth item on your packing list and, truth be told, it wasn’t on ours last year, either. However, now, it is at least the third item on our list — right after emergency toilet paper and a fun, can-do attitude.

Our first handkerchief story began in late 2016 on a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia, when we tied some hankies to our backpacks to help identify them and for some extra backpacker fashion points. But, they didn’t stay tied for long — within minutes of arriving in Thailand (our first stop), we were reaching for our hankies. Holy ****, our minds were blown…how did a simple piece of cloth become the best thing we packed? By the end of our trip, we couldn’t imagine traveling without this simple, but incredibly useful, accessory and, now, we guarantee you won’t either. 

After coming back refreshed from our trip, we started Handies Handkerchiefs to create the perfect handkerchief for travelers. So, what makes Handies such a great multi-purpose travel accessory that you need? We’re glad you asked.

1. Handies are the best cleaning cloth

Handies are made of a unique, proprietary microfiber material that is softer than a baby’s bottom but strong enough to thoroughly clean your glasses, phones, and cameras without leaving a scratch. 

Admit it, we’ve all been guilty of using our shirts to clean smudges off our phone and glasses. Don’t ruin the lenses on those clearly fake (but special in your mind) $5 Ray-Bans that you just bought off a street vendor. Also, let’s be honest, if you don’t post pictures on social media, were you even truly there? Handies keeps your camera lens sparking clean and smudge-free. Clearer pictures, maximum likes. Science.

2. Handies keep you dry from sweat

Backpacking Southeast Asia, hiking the Himalayas, relaxing in Hawaii, and commuting via public transportation. What do these all have in common? Sweat. We know… it’s something no one wants to talk about, but with humidity, sun, and excitement comes sweat. Again, science. 

Though well-hydrated, grey-shirt wearers have feared sweat for ages, Handies is here to solve your moistness. Handies is highly-absorbent and can quickly be pulled out to wipe your forehead dry in the hottest situations, leaving you calm and cool to enjoy your adventure.

No fear — Handies are here! Check out the big homie keeping himself cool and dry.

3. Handies go where paper towels don’t

We’ve all been there. You finish using the bathroom, check yourself out in the mirror (lookin’ A1, yo), wash your hands, turn, and then realize there is nowhere at all to dry your hands. Paper towels are never a given in foreign countries, and that leads to a lose-lose situation. Do you dry your hands on your shirt or pants, or just wing it and hope you don’t have to touch anything or anyone soon? Well, now, you won’t have to make either terrible decision. Instead, reach for your Handies, conveniently located in your back pocket and avoid that awkward encounter with that cute local. 

4. Handies are your best friend in emergency situations

Want to look like the classiest life saver in the world? Pull out your Handies during an emergency situation and save the day in a memorable way. Whether it’s fellow travelers spilling on themselves or crying from homesickness (or happiness), Handies will be there when you need it the most. 

Story time—during a moonlight dinner on a boat in Ha Long Bay, I passed my handkerchief to a girl who had just been on the receiving end of a spilled beer. The hanky quickly became an awesome conversation starter and we ended up traveling with the group for the next 3 days! Once again, science.

5. Handies are compact and lightweight 

When traveling, we all want to be as nimble and mobile as possible. Handies are made of an ultra-lightweight microfiber material, so you can pack as many Handies as you need and not feel any added weight. They fold small and flat as well, allowing you to discreetly slide Handies in your pocket, purse, or daypack for all your travel adventures. A big weight off your shoulders, amirite? Okay, we’ll stop.

6. Handies are machine washable

Your Handies will gain a lot of mileage on this trip, both literally and figuratively. Though they won’t net you any frequent flier miles, Handies are 100% machine washable, so you can simply just toss them in with the rest of your dirty clothes at your favorite beer and laundry location. Clean Handies, happy traveler. Science?

7. Handies make you look great

So far we’ve only discussed how useful Handies are, but it would be a travesty to not mention that Handies are also a great way to accent your style and bring out the personality in you. Our designs are made to be fun, stylish, and spark conversations from envious travelers. They look great tied onto your backpack or in your pocket. Look good, play good!

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Ready for the best part? Handies start at only $15, so this high-quality, multi-purpose accessory is affordable for even the most budget-conscious traveler. They also come in two sizes, 9" x 9" and 12" x 12" so you can decide what suits your travel needs best. 

This simple piece of cloth is easily the most useful item we bring on our travels, and we’re excited for it to be a part of your future adventures. Live life with Handies, the ultimate travel accessory.

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