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The Ultimate Travel Accessory

Say "hello" to the handiest item you'll carry

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Created by travelers, for travelers

Handies Handkerchiefs was born on a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia, where a simple piece of cloth became the ultimate travel accessory.  Perfect for cleaning your glasses, wiping your sweat, and everything else in between, Handies is designed to tackle all of life's adventures.


Our unique microfiber blend effectively absorbs your sweat on the hottest of days, allowing you to stay cool and dry during your adventures.

100% Reusable

Completely machine-washable along with your other laundry.  Handies limits waste while maintaining its durability, so put it through whatever abuse you'd like.


Lightweight and foldable to fit in any pocket, saving room for your other travel needs.  Or, tie it to your backpack for quick access and to easily identify your bag.


Made out of the highest-quality material to safely wipe the smudges on your sunglasses, phone screen and camera lens without leaving a scratch.

How to handkerchief
Use it to clean your phone
Use it to clean your glasses
Use it to dry your hands
Use it to dry your tears
How to handkerchief
Wear it!
Handies handkerchiefs are lightweight and absorbent so you can carry it anywhere you go. The hanky will be the most useful thing you carry.

At Handies, we strive to be the ultimate travel accessory. We want to be the most useful thing you carry. We want to tag along on your adventures. We want you to rely on Handies in the most dire situations. We want you to be you, and bring Handies along for the ride. Go ahead and live life -- we'll be there when you need us.