Handies Handkerchiefs

At Handies, we strive to be the ultimate travel accessory. We want to be the most useful thing you carry. We want to tag along on your adventures. We want you to rely on Handies in the most dire situations. We want you to be you, and bring Handies along for the ride. Go ahead and live life -- we'll be there when you need us.

Our Story:

Handies started during a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia when we picked up some generic handkerchiefs to tie around our backpacks. Though we initially grabbed these handkerchiefs just to help identify our bags, they certainly did not stay put for long. During the day, these handkerchiefs became our solace from the blistering tropical heat, allowing us to cool ourselves down and wipe sweat off our foreheads.  At night, these handkerchiefs cleaned up countless spills in hostels, bars and on overnight buses. These handkerchiefs also constantly served as a great conversation starter that garnered compliments from both backpackers and locals every time we pulled them out to wipe smudges off our sunglasses, camera, or phone. 

Handkerchief and American flag on Brooklyn Bridge

We returned from our fun adventure, back home to our corporate day jobs. However, like second nature, we continued to carry handkerchiefs everywhere we went. Wiping out sweat in the blistering tropical heat was replaced by wiping our sweat on crowded subway commutes. Cleaning spills on overnight buses and hostels became cleaning spills during lunch and happy hour.  And, yes, our handkerchiefs continued to receive compliments and serve as a great conversation starter.  

A few months later, Handies was born with the simple goal of creating a fun, unique, and useful product for travelers and everyday life.  We sought to create an affordable, high-quality accessory that is absorbent and durable, yet light and compact enough to carry in our pockets or travel bags.  We wanted bold and fun designs that said something about ourselves without saying a word.  We wanted our fellow travelers to realize how useful Handies are and to never leave home without one.

Handies Handkerchiefs and Pocket Squares - All purpose accessory

At Handies, we believe you should never stop exploring. Whether trekking through the Himalayas, island hopping in Southeast Asia, or simply navigating congested cities, Handies will be your best travel companion.  Go ahead and live life -- we'll be in your pocket when you need us.